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Words of Inspiration
WORDS OF INSPIRATION: Who's Nick Palmer, and how losing makes you better Print E-mail
Written by NICK PALMER   
Monday, 05 May 2014 09:21

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Welcome to latest feature on Minnesota MMA News. Each week Minnesota standout amateur fighter Nick "The Inspiration" Palmer will write a new journal entry. He's been given a free pass to write about any topic, and he'll provide Minnesota MMA fans with an inside look into the world of fighting. Enjoy "Words of Inspiration.")

Who is Nick “The Inspiration” Palmer?

I’m a fighter. I’ve always been a fighter since as far back as I can remember.

I remember fighting every day for a week straight at the Margaret Recreation Center on the East Side of St. Paul one summer.

A lot of these fights happened for one of two reasons. People would try punkin’ me because they thought I’d be an easy target because I was born with only one hand. The other reason would be because someone tried punkin’ my little brother.

Back then, as weird as it sounds, I was the only one allowed to punk my little brother ha ha.

I remember I was on my way to fighting this boxer “Lil J” for the third time and my little brother asked me why I was doing that since “Lil J” arguably already beat me up twice at that point.

I remember telling my brother it wasn’t about who won or who lost. It only mattered that we stand up for ourselves at all times, no matter what.

He looked at me as if he didn’t understand and just thought I was nuts. Well, part of me was nuts and I ended up fighting that same kid a total of four times, and I got four stitches in my face before he (Lil J) finally realized enough was enough.

So, who I am?

I am a fighter who fights for what I believe in and a fighter who fights because I love it. I want to inspire people to do the same. I want people to fight for what they love and fight for what they believe in.


Minnesota MMA News gave me an open slate to talk about anything, so here's my first take ...

Losing makes you better.

You could be dominating a fight one minute and then find yourself waking up the next.

One step or one misstep can change the entire outcome of your fight. I have to admit that there is something beautiful about that.

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