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WORDS OF INSPIRATION: I don't want fights I am 'supposed' to win Print E-mail
Written by Nick Palmer   
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 11:50

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Each week Minnesota standout amateur fighter Nick "The Inspiration" Palmer is given a free pass to write about any topic, and he'll provides Minnesota MMA fans with an inside look into the world of fighting. Enjoy "Words of Inspiration.")


I’d rather fight a guy who’s supposed to beat me than fight a guy I’m supposed to beat.

If I fight my heart out and lose to the guy who was supposed to beat me, I didn’t really lose because nobody expected me to win anyway. I went out there and showed everyone I can compete with someone they didn’t expect me to stand a chance against.

How can I consider that losing?

Sure it shows up on paper as a loss, but I gave it my all, learned a few things about myself and raised a few eyebrows in the process. Now if I end up catching that guy on the chin and put him away, I shock everyone. I end up being the man that night and gain everyone’s respect.

That’s the kind of win I am searching for. The one where the odds are heavily stacked against me, but I go out there and shock the world and get the win.

In my opinion, wins don’t get much bigger than that. Everyone likes to hear about the underdog pulling off an upset. That’s a story worth telling.

Now, I’m not talking about taking on the Incredible Hulk or Brock Lesnar or anything, but someone within reach who on paper is better than I am. I

say “on paper” because you may have beaten “better” opponents or have a better record, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually better.


There is only one way to find out who is actually better and that’s by lacing up the gloves and throwing leather.

I don’t want fights where I am supposed to win. There really isn’t much to gain from that and I’m not a fan of stacking records, especially an amateur record.

If I’m pretty sure I can beat someone, why would I want to fight them? I already know I can beat them, so there really isn’t a point in actually fighting them, right?

Fighting should be about testing yourself against guys you’re not sure you can beat. You don’t get better by beating people you’re better than; you get better by beating guys who are better than you.

This sport isn’t about just beating people up. If I wanted to beat people up, I’d go hang out at the club on Friday nights and beat people up. I want to keep testing and challenging myself, so I can continue to improve.

There is too much risk and not enough reward in fighting someone I should beat. If I win, so what, I beat the guy everyone knew I could beat. Is that really a win? That’s not a real win in my eyes. What if I get caught on the button and I can’t continue the fight and the ref jumps in and stops it? What if he knocks me out or chokes me out?

If I lost to someone everyone had me beating, I’d have a difficult time getting over that loss, if I ever did fully get over it. I mean, it’s hard enough taking a loss as it is, but losing to someone I should have beaten would probably be too much for me to handle mentally. It would eat at me for a long time and have a negative impact on the rest of my career.

I’d rather lose to someone stronger than beat someone weaker any day of the week.